Monday, September 28, 2009

Born Like This: New Study Finds Entrepreneurial Drive Could be Genetic

By: Ben Dockendorff

A recent study suggests that prevalent entrepreneurial traits may be heritable. The study, conducted by Scott A. Shane, made preliminary findings that certain common “entrepreneurial” traits are passed through DNA. These traits include the tendency to identify business opportunities and start new businesses, self employment income, and personality traits such as extraversion, openness, and sensation-seeking. According to the study, there are common underlying genetic schemes that support these characteristics.

Well I guess you can’t argue with DNA, and as the famous Ron Bergundy once said, “It’s science…” But doesn’t circumstance count for something? It has to. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, go getters, and pro-active self starters. These are qualities that—if not acquired early through adopting the values of one’s surroundings—aren’t likely to be acquired at all. An individual’s attitude, perception and values toward money and business are heavily influenced by their parents. While there is a strong link between a parent’s education and the likely education of their children, I would argue the same goes for professional values. It follows then, that an entrepreneurial upbringing fosters an entrepreneurial attitude, and this may have very little to do with DNA.

What happens to a child with the “entrepreneurial” DNA that grows up with a nuclear safety technician father and homemaker-mother? Does this affect the child’s chances of squeezing value from their economically adventurous genes? I suppose the question comes down to “Nature vs. Nurture”—and according to “Wedding Crashers”—nature wins every time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Audissey Guides Gets Props from Forbes! VOTE!

Hi folks! I just love it when our customers achieve success in their businesses and invite us to share in that success. One of our customers, Audissey Guides, has been selected as a semi-finalist in Forbes' Boost Your Business Contest. Can I get a WOOT WOOT?? Audissey Guides is pretty much owns, I won't lie; they works with museums, towns and other places to put together audio tours for your iPod. Each tour is completely unique and has you interacting with the environment; not merely hearing about it. Interactive entertainment, anyone? Kick ass.

So, as entrepreneurs, want do we do for each other? We VOTE. So do it, yo! And a little secret? You can vote once for each email address you have... sneaky...! Have an amazing day, entrepreneurs.